Hadley’s Thoughts from the Battlefield: Being on Both Sides

I thought about this blog during school while I was sitting in my chair listening to the teacher go on and on about something in Spanish that I did not understand. I was thinking, “this is called the Brew Crew Abroad travel blog but my mom is the only one posting on it. That does not sound right.” Then as we were walking home from school I thought, “I should post about my thoughts and how I am doing!” It took me a couple of weeks to figure out what I should talk about. But then I was texting my friend and we were talking about what I miss the most and casual things like that. Suddenly I just could not stop typing and texting about what I really missed and thought and I realized I have a lot to say!

Sometimes I think about the past in Seattle and I think about going to a restaurant and ordering food…so…so…easily. And then I think about the life I’m currently living and I’m like “did I really have a life so easy, and I did not even notice?” Here I have become more  quiet due to not being able to understand or talk much. Here I’m a shy girl trying to fit in and make friends.  It’s harder.

Another thing I realized is that everyone in Spain wears English brands of clothing and shoes and they talk about Justin Bieber. Everyone has been taking English since preschool. When I told them I was from the United States, they erupted with WOW’S and OMG! Everyone wanted to get to know me. But to be honest the second thing they asked me was “have you ever met Donald Trump?” I was suddenly like… Okay, this is how it’s gonna be.

In America, fewer people wear Spanish brands or talk about Spain or Spanish song artists. My mom said that’s because America is one of the most powerful, and biggest countries in the world.  It makes it sound like America is the best option, but to be honest I don’t know if that’s true. Every country has something to offer. In fact some people have some negative opinions about America. Maybe that’s why the mopeds get louder here when they zoom by us.

In the end, you can’t understand how different life can be until you have experienced it differently. It feels like being on the other side of a battlefield.



11 thoughts on “Hadley’s Thoughts from the Battlefield: Being on Both Sides

  1. Bravo, Hadley!!! You are such a wonderful writer!! So proud of you! Keep posting, keep expressing yourself and “Fight Like a Girl”!! xo’s Aunt Nana


  2. Brilliant, Hadley! I love how your world is upside-down! Stick with it! Keep writing!


    On Sun, Nov 11, 2018 at 12:25 PM Brew Crew Abroad wrote:

    > brewcrewabroad posted: “I thought about this blog during school while I > was sitting in my chair listening to the teacher go on and on about > something in Spanish that I did not understand. I was thinking, “this is > called the Brew Crew Abroad travel blog but my mom is the only one” >


  3. Amazing Hadley! You are so smart and insightful. This opportunity for personal growth and experiencing our global society is so unique. We all can learn from it. Thank you. Keep sharing all you are learning.


  4. Hadley – SO exciting to see your post & the wonderful picture of you – Martha Gay & I want to know where you are in your picture! Mumzer hugs from Fearrington in North Carolina! I miss you & I love you! ❌⭕️


    1. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! I worked really hard on the post and think it turned out well, I never thought I would get so many comments, I did not even think I would get one! My photo was taken in Madrid at the royal palace! I miss you and can not wait to see you in five months! love you!


  5. Hadley I LOVED your post and hope to hear more from you. I love that you are thinking about all that you are experiencing and then sharing it with us. It will be so great for you to know how to reach out to another girl in the future who might be feeling shy – you will be able to be such an amazing mentor to others from your experience. We love you and miss you and are so proud of all you are doing. Loads of love from Aunt Joanie and Uncle Bill. And yes yes YES do keep writing!


  6. Hi Hadley, I’m a friend of your dad and I just read your blog entry. What wonderful insights and great writing. Keep the blog going and share your experiences with all of us.


  7. Hi Hadley, you and I don’t know each other but I’m an old friend of your mom’s. I just wanted to say I loved hearing your perspective on the experience so far! I hope you’ll keep writing – you’re a fabulous writer AND you are having an entirely different experience from the one your parents are having! It’s really fun to follow along and dream about my own daughter maybe writing a blog entry like yours one day (she’s only 2 right now).
    Keep writing – you are very good at it! I look forward to reading more from you.
    Kelly Fox Violette


  8. Wow! Great blog post Hadley! I loved reading about your perspective on your experience of being in a foreign land. I wish we could all travel to foreign lands and learn from each other at this level. I’m so glad your family has this opportunity. I’d love to continue hearing your thoughts and perspectives and how things change for you over your time there.


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