Mid-Century Man

When April arrived, not only did it bring some showers but lots of visits with family and friends and occasions to celebrate!  George’s mother, Mumzer, and his two sisters, Elise and Joanie, and brother-in-law, Bill, all made the trek to Spain to spend a week with us and help us celebrate George’s 50th birthday.

The kids had great fun showing their grandmother and aunts and uncle around town.  We introduced them to churros (fried dough) and hiked with them to La Herradura (next town over).  I took Elise and Joanie to a painting class and yoga while George took Mumzer and Bill to Fragiliana and we all paid a visit to the biggest Roman aqueduct in town.  We celebrated George’s 50th with a superb meal and a very personalized Flamenco dancing performance followed by a surprise celebration with local friends at our favorite ice cream shop, Heladoria de Jorge!  And on his actual birthday, we had a tour of the Alhambra castle in Granada.  It was epic!

Mumzer and her team stayed in the house right next door to ours so we had lots of running back and forth and cooking in together, including a good old American barbeque on the available grill.  A long Monopoly competition took place (Hadley is determined but has yet to defeat her uncle Bill) and as always, there was lots of emotional processing together.  And on the day of their departure, there were tears shed but promises to return.

The day after George’s family left, our Seattle friends, Roger and Rebecca Jansson came through town for a visit with their two kids.  The sun came out for them and we tried to provide a similar albeit briefer tour, as we only had two days with them.  A tour of the castle and a long walk along the coast filled our time as well as several hours lounging and picnicing on the beach together while the kids had their first swim of the season in the Mediterranean (with wetsuits on).  It was really special for us to share our Spanish world with friends from home for the first time and we so appreciated their enthusiasm and supportive curiosity.

As our Seattle friends left for Granada, we hopped in the car for our spring break trip to Portugal.



One thought on “Mid-Century Man

  1. Good morning from Kleinmachnow Germany! Thank you for the memories of all being together & for the wonderful report on your time with the Janssen’s as well as your Easter break news! Big hugs & lots of love from your Mumzer! ❌⭕️😂❌⭕️


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